An open letter to the EFL

An open letter to the EFL

Dear EFL executives,

I trust that you are well. Me? Well like all Leyton Orient fans at the moment, I’m feeling many mixed emotions. Anguish, empathy, resignation, and one we feel most strongly about, betrayal. Now, before I start barraging you with accusations left, right and centre (Don’t worry, that’s to come), let me run you up-to-date as to why we are feeling betrayed. We’ve all heard your excuses as to why the actions of our absconded owner Francesco Becchetti do not fall your ‘remit’, although the lack of contact with the club in nearly a month is frankly ludicrous. We’ve also watched our loyal and undoubtedly dedicated club employees go weeks without wage, some forcing to relocate and some even finding they’ve been replaced while you have just sat back and enjoyed the pleasures of your executive suites and fine dining. The response by the EFL regarding Saturday’s events was a disgrace, but it wasn’t a surprise.

Fans have had enough of Mr Becchetti’s reign of lunacy at Orient. The protest was not only an opportunity to show the footballing world our frustrations, it was a cry for help. A desperate plea for the EFL and the FA to intervene in some form regardless of ‘remits’ or ‘laws’ to save one of English football’s oldest and proudest clubs. Us fans have felt like we have had no support. The seeming implosion of our beloved football club of 136 years is on the verge of being given the last rites, a genuine part of thousands of lives is at risk. The footballing family was almost unanimous in its support for Orient fans’ cause, as they too have realised the state our club has been allowed to crumble into. However, the blatant lies that the EFL orchestrated at the game against Colchester was a stab in the back that Orient fans had experienced for months, but this time it was magnified across the entire country, even the world. Reports in the United States, Italy and even Australia laid bare our predicament so the entire world could see how passionate we are about our club, how much we love our club, and how poor a job the footballing authorities have done in allowing our club to wither away into folklore.

In your infinite wisdom, you decided to lie to fans. You felt it was a ‘moral responsibility’ to finish that fixture. You’d rather say the game was abandoned just so you can achieve your preciously flawed remit. As if you wanted to paper over the cracks and paint the Football League as a shining beacon of footballing glory. Well I’m sorry but unless you’ve are completely delusional then I’m afraid that’s not the case, and hasn’t been for years. Blackburn Rovers, Blackpool, Charlton Athletic, Coventry City and Nottingham Forest have all had their clubs manipulated under your remit, being made shadows of their former glory. You wanted to ‘maintain the integrity of the competition’. You failed to achieve that when you thought it was best to finish a game with no fans present than to face consequence of fan uproar. If anything, the organisation you herald yourself to be became a laughing stock by that stunt.

If this is the jurisdiction you want to display, then I don’t want my team a part of that. I want my team to be protected from narcissistic owners who think they know better than loyal fans. I want a footballing authority to stand up for the fans who seemingly have no power, not gladly admit their regulations do not protect clubs from owners who are mismanaging the clubs. We’ve been left to self-destruct under your watch, and I am praying there is some remorse there. Hopefully, we’ll see you in a year or two knowing we’ll actually be protected.

Yours Sincerely,


P.S. If you so much as dare impose a points deduction, expect a letter delivered to your offices. Only this time, I’ll be using some more extreme wording only suitable for adult eyes.


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